James Coghlan
Sound Engineer
FOH/Monitors/System Tech/Stage/Patch
VAT Registered: 188 610678
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    Funeral For A Friend - Cambridge Junction - Monitors

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    TOAM Conference - Brighton Centre - Mainstage Monitors

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    Harper Adams May Ball 2012 - Sound Technician

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    Global Day of Prayer - Wembley Stadium - Stage Tech

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    Skyfall World Premiere - Royal Albert Hall - Rigger

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Hello and welcome! I'm James Coghlan, currently working as a freelance Sound engineer. Multi-skilled and adaptable, I strive to achieve a great sound on any type of event from live music to corporate. With a wide range of experience as a monitor engineer, this is where my speciality lies. However I also have extensive experience mixing Front of House (FOH), system design/tech, and on patch and stage duties.

Freelancing for 3 years, throughout this time I have developed many skills, both technical and personal, which establishes me as a knowledgeable, down to earth engineer. Throughout my time as a freelancer, I have also put myself through various training courses to further increase my knowledge, enabling me to design, rig and problem solve many different PA and audio systems. To read more about me, click the 'CV' link, to take you directly to my CV.

Please feel free too look around, have a read about what I've been up to, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at james@jamescoghlan.co.uk if you like what you see, or if you have any questions!